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    For The One Who Started It All

    Extra Special Time_WindowI’m writing this post with my sweet five-year-old daughter snoring next to me in a hotel bed. Earlier this week, I knew that I had to make this night happen. We are six months into this “three kid” family thing. Any significant family dynamic change takes effort and sometimes transitions are tough. I think overall ours has been relatively smooth. But there are times it’s been hard for this cute girl.

    Sometimes she doesn’t want to be the helper, because she wants to be helped. Sometimes she wants the babies to wait instead of her. Sometimes she gets out of bed seven times at night because she wants mom and dad all to herself, without a baby in between.

    Because she’s five. And she still needs her parents, just like her brother and sister. She often seems so much more grown up to me because she is almost three and a half years older than my next baby. I ran across a video today of her when she was about the age of my son now, just over two years old. It’s hard to even remember those times.

    So tonight, me and her, we said goodbye to daddy, brother and baby sister and we had a night to ourselves. We ate dinner at “Grape Garden” (Olive Garden) and checked into a hotel. She excitedly set out our toothbrushes and toothpaste, lined up the nail polish, laid out our swimsuits and set up the napkins on the bed so we could eat our room service desserts.

    I love my three babies with all my heart. Tonight it was important to spend some extra special one-on-one time with the one who started it all.

    Room Service Dessert