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    A Simple Entryway

    Since moving into a house, there have been certain things we now have that we did not have before. A garage, a backyard, a yard to mow, and also, an entryway. I had never put much thought into how I would decorate an entryway before because, well, we haven’t had one! But now we do and after having been in this house for awhile now, I feel like I have settled on an entryway that I really love. It is simple and I love how it turned out. There are lots of ways to change it up for holidays and such as time goes on.

    I love decorating and organizing, but it often takes me a decent amount of time to catch the vision of the look I am going for in a certain area and I usually catch it at a very convenient time such as when I am trying to fall asleep.

    For this particular spot, this rug from IKEA was my springboard.

    It is totally different than the style and color scheme that I usually go for, but I loved it when I saw it. I also knew I wanted a simple, dark bench but I also did not want to pay a lot of money for one. So I enlisted my awesome husband to build one for me and it turned out just right for the space! When I was thinking of what to put above the bench, I went through a lot of different options. Then one day, I remembered a mirror unit we had stored in a closet that used to be in my bedroom growing up. I immediately loved it above the bench, especially the dark and light contrast.

    I also had to keep in mind that I have three little children running around and their play area is in direct view of the entryway. This limited some of my options, namely, I had to find an unbreakable plant pot, and probably a fake plant.

    While we were at IKEA looking for some accessories, they were having serious music throwbacks (Ashlee Simpson? Sandstorm?) leading to several dance parties down the aisles by my five year old as we went back and forth between departments trying to make decisions.

    In the end, this was the final look:


    I didn’t want too much going on in the entryway, because when you walk into the house, there are a few different areas visible. This entryway accomplishes all my goals for this space.

    Now, how many times do you think I will have to put that plant back in its spot?

    Home & DIY

    The Baby’s Room

    There is one room in our house now that I feel is “done”.

    This is our third baby and it is the first time I have gotten to decorate a room solely to be used as a nursery. With our first baby, almost six years ago, we were poor college students, me having just graduated and Brian finishing his last year. We lived in a two bedroom apartment and the “nursery” consisted of a crib being set up in the corner of our “office”. Yet, it was special because it was our first baby. We were making it work and we were making it.

    With our second baby, we lived in a different two bedroom apartment. For the first few months, he slept in our room and then moved in with our oldest. I loved their room because it was sweet to see them share it. I think it provided the foundation for the bond they have now. I also loved the simple decor I was able to set up, now both Brian and I in graduate school (were we gluttons for punishment or what?).

    With our third baby, we live in a house with enough space for her to have her own room. It’s hard to explain, but I felt like I knew her personality before she was born. I knew she would be gentle and delicate, content and simple. I don’t know if she will stay that way throughout her life, but as a baby she is. I wanted her room to reflect that. Here are a few of my favorite aspects of the room:


    This small gallery is my favorite. It literally took me months to fill the frames. One part, “now I have three kids” and one part, I wanted to find the perfect things to put in the frames. The two pictures of Emma herself are special because they are from her blessing day. I love the one of her little hand and the tiny bracelet, also worn by her older sister on her blessing day. The prints are free printables and I was selective in the words and images because I wanted them to be important words that would lift her up and strengthen her and images that remind her of who she is (a Texan, obviously). Print from here.

    A closer look at some of the details. This set of books is unique and special because it was my mom’s, then I read them, and now I can read them with my girls.

    Books always make a simple and meaningful decor.


    This storage unit has made it’s way around our house in different rooms. Right now, it’s place is here.dscn2983

    Simplicity is what I was going for, so on this wall is just the crib and this simple garland from Target that cost a few dollars.

    That’s it. It’s simple and gentle. There is no clutter and it feels peaceful. I’m slowly working through the other rooms in the house. And let’s not look in the closet in this room yet, shall we? It’s still a storage area.



    Home & DIY

    Staying Connected Across The Miles: Family Photo Map for less than $2

    Raise your hand if you have family living all over the country…or the world? Most people do! We are lucky to have close relationships with our extended families and we try to get together at least once a year.

    I’m a sucker for school supplies and picked up a United States map in the dollar section a couple of years ago and promptly forgot about it after it got lost in my craft drawers.

    A few months ago, I was digging around and discovered it again. It happened to be around the time I was reconfiguring our playroom. The map immediately added some unique (and educational!) decor, but I wanted to add more.

    One day my oldest and I were talking about where each of our extended families live and I had an idea to put small photos of each family in the state in which they live.

    Family Map

    This project is so simple, quick and inexpensive! All you need is a US (or world!) map and small photos of any family members you want to include. I laminated mine so they would be more durable, but that isn’t necessary. After you print and cut the photos, add them to appropriate location.

    So many discussions could come out of this project! Where does your family live? Who lives where? How many states/countries away is that? What do you know about where they live? Lots of options! Enjoy this fun, inexpensive way to connect your family despite the long distances!


    Home & DIY

    DIY Silhouette Canvases

    I did this DIY project a couple of summers ago, but it remains one of my favorite spots in my home! An alternative to a family photo, it provides a unique focal point for an open wall. Check back soon to see how I added my third baby into the mix!


    You’ll need an 8×10 canvas for each silhouette, a side profile photo of each indivdiual, a black permanent marker and black craft paint.

    First, trim each photo so only the side profile remains. Center the photo on your canvas and trace it with the permanent marker. Paint within the tracing until there is an even coat of black paint (2-3 coats for me). Allow the silhouette to dry (if you can! I couldn’t wait to get mine on the wall!

    I love that these canvases are so light! I can use easy to remove wall mounts so I don’t even have to nail into the wall. This project could extend to so much more than just individual profiles; states, homes, landscapes, get creative!

    Have fun!