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June 2016

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    DIY Silhouette Canvases

    I did this DIY project a couple of summers ago, but it remains one of my favorite spots in my home! An alternative to a family photo, it provides a unique focal point for an open wall. Check back soon to see how I added my third baby into the mix!


    You’ll need an 8×10 canvas for each silhouette, a side profile photo of each indivdiual, a black permanent marker and black craft paint.

    First, trim each photo so only the side profile remains. Center the photo on your canvas and trace it with the permanent marker. Paint within the tracing until there is an even coat of black paint (2-3 coats for me). Allow the silhouette to dry (if you can! I couldn’t wait to get mine on the wall!

    I love that these canvases are so light! I can use easy to remove wall mounts so I don’t even have to nail into the wall. This project could extend to so much more than just individual profiles; states, homes, landscapes, get creative!

    Have fun!


    Simple Celebrations: Preschool Graduation

    I love making little moments special. I am trying to be better about making it happen. In the past, what has gotten me is expectations. Someone once told me, a lot of misunderstandings come because of unmet (or misunderstood) expectations. For me, I usually set the bar too high. I start with grand plans and then get overwhelmed and so I just don’t do anything. It’s super effective. I am trying to start with lower expectations. A few planned things and if I have time, energy, money, to expand then great! If not, I am not disappointed. Celebrations, parties and similar events often get me this way. Then I end up feeling sad and guilty because I really didn’t end up doing anything because I overwhelmed myself. So we are starting with baby steps here!

    My oldest just finished preschool last week. She went to a class that was a bit unconventional and goes year round. Therefore, there was no preschool graduation. My daughter probably wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t do anything. But I wanted to. And she was so thrilled. And it was so worth it.


    It was beyond simple and that is the point of this post! Little celebrations do not have to be complicated, expensive or time consuming! I bought the tassel garland at Target for $2-$3 and made the graduation hat out of poster board and a tassel I cut off the garland and hot glued on top. So easy and yet, my little graduate declared it, “the best day ever!”

    Need to make a graduation hat for your own little one? Follow these simple steps:

    -Choose the size of your hat, it’ll be a square. Mine ended up being about 12.5″ on each side.

    -Measure your little one’s head. Cut a strip of paper to match the circumference of their head (or measure their two-year-old brother’s head, because it’s about the same size!) The strip should be about 2-3 inches tall. Tape or glue the strip into a circle.

    -Hot glue the band onto the square.

    -Hot glue a tassel of your choice to the center of your hat so that it will drape to one size.

    Celebrate your little one’s accomplishment! It will make their day to have their very own hat! To complete the celebration we had macaroni and cheese and raspberry lemonade (with special straws) for dinner. That was it! With my daughter’s excitement, you would have thought it was the grandest party they had ever attended.